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Why WisdomPlan?

Step 1 Tag IconAI-powered planning

Plan faster and smarter

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With just a few inputs, WisdomPlan quickly creates a tailored learning plan for you within minutes. Say goodbye to manual to-do list creation and resource searching.

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Intelligent planning, scheduling, and sequencing

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Centralize courses, docs, and webpages in one plan

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Adapt your learning tasks as you go

Step 2 Tag IconLearning toolkit

Stay focused and motivated

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Break tasks into steps, add due dates, set reminders, and track insights to keep your learning plans on track.

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Take notes when learning in one convenient place

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Calender and email reminder for consistent learning

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Analytics dashboard to help you track progress

Step 3 Tag IconLearner community

Sharing is the best learning

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Connect with fellow learners in our community. Reflect on your learning, share your plans, and receive feedback. Adopt community plans to avoid reinventing the wheel.

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Sharing your plans with classmates and friends

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Access to 100+ learning plans from the community

Research Tag IconResearch-backed design

A learning journey backed by science

Born in the heart of where learning science began, WisdomPlan is backed by evidence-based learning principles and real-world educational data.

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Self-Directed Learning

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Adaptive Learning

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Personalized Learning

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Self-Determination Theory

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Zone of Proximal Development

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